Friday, April 13, 2012

imam - not so muda

its ironic that my previous post was on jemaah..this time, on imam..

today's Maghrib was was my first time ever that I lead a group prayer as imam..well, group of two, but had to be performed twice actually, when i got stuck reading rukuk doa..a doa i've recited more than a thousand times..second time went well (though i was shaking throughout the prayer, and even few minutes after) and Isyak went even better..alhamdulillah...

looking forward to my next one, hopefully tomorrow :)

makes me wonder how it would've been if i had to lead a huge crowd in a mosque..kudos to all the imam in the world..the nerve-wreck is indescribable, and even incomparable to all the presentations i've done during work life..

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