Friday, December 15, 2006

Chocolate Grape

I had always admired the way my mom could put together bit and pieces and make it look so grand and beautiful, for so many hantaran kahwin and tunang. Last night, I was actually given the chance to prove myself worthy in that area, and therefore affirming that I am biologically my mom's daughter (hehe...people always say we don't look alike at all). One of my closest friends is getting married to the girl he'd always loved, and I've volunteered (without much sense on the turnout) to make him a grape deco of Ferrero Rocher. It turned out pretty well I think, and even the sis was happy with what I've done, that she booked one for her daughter's marriage (her daughter is about 5 years old I think..haha).

Best part is that I enjoyed every single minute of making the 'grape' and I guess I've unfolded another hidden talent that I've foreseen before. Its not that I've never done these kinds of things, its just that I've only been the assistant to the artist, therefore never having the chance to express (cewah!)

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