Friday, December 08, 2006

Fun Gym

I never thought of gyms or aerobics as fun..Had always been more of an obligation to the dear body that goes through all the eating, laughing, talking, lepakking and sitting down in front of the Catia machine, and very occasional visits to the plant, which would take up about 10 minutes of lenggang kangkong walking..Brisk would take 5..Anyway, I had so much fun last night, when I brought along Kak Bib and Lin as guests..We danced the night away, in Body Jam, Fitness First..Alia joined in half way, and added the fun..By the end of the hour, we were near fatigue, but went on with the steam and sauna room..Bathed later (some of us had to sings la kan, while bathing...hehe) and ended the night with a bored face (such drama queens!!) when the Club Promo Lady was promoting the packages they have..Serves her right, though, since she was kinda acting indifferent anyway..

All in all...Gym last night was unlike any I've ever been before...I'll definitely miss this...

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