Friday, December 01, 2006

New Year Countdown

Its 1st December already!! Just another 30 days to go for the unfolding of the new year. This year had been so colorful, I just don't where to start. But I think this year has been the most memorable year ever. During this time of the year, last year, I was wondering what 2006 would bring. Its scary OK, having a birthdate like mine this year..060606. Omen indeed for some of the events, but nevertheless strengthens me in every way.

note to self: make a new year's resolution!


Anonymous said...

olin honey, for awhile there, we were afraid as well hehe :p but dont worry, you are still the lovable and wonderful person that we know and love :) sides, even if u did turn evil, we wud still love u anyway! i cant believe its coming to end of the year too, for me, its seems like the year just started! wats yr new year's resolution?


olyn said...

byk betol my new year's coming out wit d list very soon..hehe..n yeah, thank God, im still not so evil..i think :p