Thursday, December 28, 2006

Movie Freak

I recently realized that I've been watching a lot of movies lately, especially Malay movies, thanks to Mak. She doesn't really enjoy English movies anymore, well, at least quite picky on the ones she actually watches, but very into watching almost all the Malay movies in town. Thank God though that Mak doesn't seem to want to watch Cicakman. The latest I caught was Cinta. Personally, I loved the movie. Kinda reminds me of Love Actually starring Hugh Grant, but in another perspective and setting. I loved the way the film maker weaved everything into place and ended all 5 cinta settings into really good endings. Good endings for me doesn't have to be happy endings, but at least with an ending that would put my mind to rest, knowing what the characters would endure and letting the audience make up their own rendition of how it should continue in its individual lives.

The most recent English movie I caught while being left home alone with Nita (Mak is away with Na on a holiday) was Night at the Muzium, and we both loved it. Funny as hell that the 2 hours went by like minutes! The whole theatre was laughing like crazy throughout the movie, and we both agreed that it was a great comedy movie to end the year. Its already the 28th, another day to go before the long weekend again. Can't wait! I plan to watch Casino Royale pulak (yups...I'm way behind) and go holiday somewhere local with the family.

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