Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Destress the Natural Way

Like any city girls, in love with nature, I pursued the natural way of destressing by going on a 1-hour trip with my girlfriends; Nellie and Husna (latest cool friend!), to Sungai Kedondong, Ulu Yam.The scenery was breathtaking, the water was splendidly cool and clean, great company, and food was yummy (we stopped by gerai nasik lemak, near Petronas). Sedap OK, the nasik lemak kerang I had. Nell had nasik lemak peparu, Husna had both kerang and peparu and I brought along some Tuna Sandwiches, and the girls bought some drinks and snacks. Membadak - makan dan berendam tak ingat! We lepak for quite a while, had a session of DIY lulur and hair wash (masa ni, terasa cam perempuan Melayu terakhir), and more and more berendam. And who could resist not posing for the camera la kan...lalala...These are amongst the uncensored shoots I could show. Others...lets just say its not so recommended for public viewing ;p


niQue_naQ said...

best nye! the water looks good! (^_^)

Ms Nellie said...

It Is Nique!!! We gonna make it a monthly ritual to hike up Hulu Yam for that lulur and awet muda session. Wohohoh!!