Saturday, May 26, 2007

Korea Korea Part 2

Kanak-kanak riang dan excited- first timers in Korea with Hazlina

Ulsan downtown!

Hauendai Beach, Busan

Blow Fish - buat sup yang sedap

Ok..less talk on work. One of the things that I see in Korea, is their sense of style. The women especially, are relatively ALL very stylish, especially when you enter Seoul. What we see in Sungei Wang, is somewhat familiar, yet not up to their level of style and daringness of combining colors and accessories. should check out the style there. Menarik OK...The Asst. Manager that I was talking about, so wanted me and Hazlina to change our styles to theirs. :)Guys there, however, are very tidy. By tidy, what I meant is being very formal in all levels of jobs. Imagine this...even the bus driver wears a 3-piece suit!

Now lets talk about food. I was warned of this sotong story, to that ikan buntal story, but what I actually went through was just fine. I had the sotong (live sotong cooked right under you nose), I had the ikan buntal (poisonous fish, only licensed cook could serve) and I'm still here right? In fact, I think its relatively called 'CULTURE'. Its either you could be open for other cultures of the world or not. Tapi maybe next time I wouldn't eat both the foods though, I was told that Muslims couldn't. Tatau takpe kan..? But one thing for sure...I don't think I could look at sotong the same again for the next few months or years...Had so much in merely 2 weeks! I love Malaysia for making it possible to eat all the chicken and beef that I want. Bersyukur yang amat ok...

All in all...Korea was a great experience. Lagi satu cop added to my humble passport. Next stop...Bali in August :p

ps: btw...another thing worth mentioning...I love Korean clean toilets!


Ms Nellie said...

Next time you go Korea, i want to follow. But have to train myself to be extra acrobatic coz i have to try and fit in your suitcase! ;p

OLYN said...

hehe...looking at d size of my luggage,im pretty sure u'll fit :p