Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Love's Toughest Journeys

I met a girl today, a long lost friend, whom I was introduced to, about 20 years ago. Our mothers are friends, and apparently, we used to play dolls together during adolescence. We share the same birthdate, only she was born a year later. Lisa's (name changed) blessed with a beautiful girl, Anna, and an active little boy, Adam. Another baby is coming along in June. First thing that came to mind was how lucky she must be. She's a successful teacher, and mother, raring her children with her hubby and her own bare hands, with minimal help from others but the nursery. And she has all this, within her 27 years of age. She's one year younger than me, and already leading a life much richer than yours trully.

We became fast friends, and she confided in me, that she was trully unhappy. She loves her family, but what is missing is her mother's blessings in her marriage. She's been married for 5 years now, and not even one of her terrific children is loved by their grandmother. Imagine a life like that. She's being punished just because she married someone she loves over a man the mother has arranged for marriage.

Its scary to think about what others in the world are going through at this moment of time. I'd be selfish if I ever say that my relationship had ended in the most terrible way, because life has taught me that everyone has their own story and problems beyond anyone's imagination.

Just when you think you've met the most wonderful man, they betray and lie to you.
Just when you think you're marrying your dream guy, he begins to hate you.
Just when you think you're marrying your destiny, your family isolates you.
Just when you think you married the perfect man, he leaves you.
Just when you think you're happy with your family, your partner dies on you.
Just when you think you're ecstatic with your children, they go on with life, and leave you.
Life is unpredictable and full of surprises.
Life can be hateful and wonderful, jumbled puzzle pieces.

Even though today's lesson in life has been hard and painful, and somehow I tell myself that damn, I hate the complications and problems that relationships could lead you to, but I know unconsciously, and deep inside me, I still hope and pray for that perfect life that only fairy tales could offer.

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