Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A day after Deepavali...Post Holiday Symdrome?

Happy Deepavali to all who celebrates this beautiful festival of lights, and Happy Holidays to all others!!!!

A day after yesterday (today) however, I took half day leave, and many things happened.

Firstly, a bit of whining. Bear with me. I took leave, actually, due to my beloved Savvy Baby, who needs the extra attention of replacing its rear wheel spindle. I was called to come, at 8.00am and the procedure should be done in an hour or so. Yeah, I know I should be thankful that it WAS over by 9.15, but what's with the attitude la?I am very punctual, so I arrived by 7.50am, and I waited without a blink of irritation to 8.00am, to find that I was asked to come back at 12 noon. What the heck la kan...Yours trully DEFINITELY DID NOT give in, and was on the edge of screaming, but patiently and gently explained that she took only half the day off, and it's NOT possible to come back for another month or 2. So they said, OK, maybe they could do it after all (????) Anyway, I was grateful, and asked for the nearest mamak stall to lepak in while they do their work. They courteously showed me the way, and I walked happily to the food kingdom, only to find that the guys were trailing me behind, for THEIR meal as well!!!Get why I'm pissed? Anyway, all ended well on time (well, if they started straight away, I could drive back home at 8.30 kot!)

Secondly, gratitude to gentlemen on earth. Especially to truck drivers who always have the time to give me and my gendermates way onto the road. Kudos to you guys.

Thirdly, I felt like choking a certain someone who had asked me to back to the office just because they forgot the keys to the office. I don't mind the hassle, but to scream at ME for your own carelessness? I think that's just plain unfair man...

Fourthly, I must stress that I'm really beginning to worry about my youngest nephew. He didn't say much today, except 'Gi tak comel hari ni' (yeah, they call me Gi...don't ask why) but whatever..hehe..The thing that worried me was the fact that he thinks he's beautiful today, after wearing MY tudung...ayoo...

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