Monday, October 13, 2008

Raya and Beyond

Its the mid of Syawal already, and a lot of things had happened since my last entry. Lets see...

Cherating was something I really needed to just let go, and free my mind from the constant stress I go through daily now at the office. As I always say, it is much much easier dealing with machines and computers than dealing with people. What do I do? I manage people to ensure my projects run as smooth-sailing as possible. Try that for a change...Anyway, as all of our earlier trips here, we chose to stay in a simple chalet, right on the beach itself, so that we could hear the waves day in and out, and get to lepak on the verandah as long as we want. Myself, with a book and the wind from the sea. Such bliss. And what is a trip to near Ganu without the delish kepok lekor, satar and otok-otok, and not forgetting Hai Ping! I felt like staying there forever...

Wonder what's with the mouth...Na (with the mouth and Mak dearest) Not posing, I can assure you...This is what the beach can do to dream away...

The one and only crab that agreed to pose for the camera...Others were too shy

On the verandah...Jealous tak?

Lily, my closest cousin (other than El :)) gave birth to another beautiful baby boy, Rayyan Iskandar. I wish you only the best my dearest, and may baby Rayyan grow up just her his mother; smart and beautiful inside out.

Baby Rayyan, sleeping soundly in Mama's arms

Ayah's family came down from Ipoh just last week, to visit us in our humble home. We had great dinner (prepared by Mak; yours truly was at work, and joined after) and chit-chatted till almost midnight. Its been a while since we gathered like this, almost 2 years, since Makcik Shikin got married, and all of us had such a great time. Nenek is not quite well, but still very chatty throughout the night. They left back for Ipoh the next day, and we promised to visit.

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