Saturday, January 21, 2012

1/3 way

having mashed potatoes and coffee for breakfast...coz we don't have bread...huhu..

anyway...4 months have time flies...9 assignments, 2 exam papers and one week to do absolutely nothing but go to london, have fun with sis and continue having fun in liverpool and maybe manchester? lets see...

other than studies, my sosial life has not really been..aa...flourishing? i've yet to go to any pubs or clubs for simple drinks and live music...i've not dated for like a hundred years since coming here...i've not travelled alone (which was of huge irritation to han...hehe)

i've made friends with about everyone in class, close with some, but not have d chance of actually going out with them other than for studies or dinner at one of their i know...o well...i still have 8 months to repent...maybe i could start tonight? lets see :)

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