Thursday, January 12, 2012

feeling alone

you know the feeling of being surrounded by people, but feeling alone? i go through that quite often these days, especially at home. weeks and weeks without classes were torturous, except for the times when i was somewhere else, on holiday.

you see, its not that im not close with my mates. they are superb individuals. but they seem to have a life of their own and its hard to penetrate or to be part of it. its good i guess in a way, where i get my own space. i think.

one is very very reliant on skype. im not exagerating, but she talks to her buddies back home from the minute she wakes up, till just before sleep. i do talk to her, if we were walking to the shop or if we met in the kitchen. thats it. wonder if i shud just cancel internet...if i was that desperate, but then, i wouldnt be able to blog..huhu.

second one is a vampire. metaphorically speaking of course. she sleep during the day, and awake the whole night. so i get to meet her in the kitchen at night, or when she gets bored of studies, she'll come dance in my room. hehe.

its not that im complaining, im just feeling lonely. grrr...

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niQue_naQ said...

totally get how you feel, i was staying alone for the first 4 months masa kat plymouth tu, there were times i actually saja je lepak kat library so that i am surrounded by people! :p :p

only one way to go about it babe, make more friends!! ive never see pics or read any posts about yr classmates? by the by, han told me about the "situation" there, and seriously, get out of there before u get stuck even further!!

i will see you in march okey, looking forward to it! love, hugs and kisses from me :) :)