Saturday, June 30, 2012

letting lose

its great to finally be able to let your hair down (not literally of coz) and relax a little, when you know you're on track with your project. i don't need to go to the company daily anymore, since we have managed to arrange all that is needed for the week. a lot more needs to be done, but i think it could be carried on by the company themselves. i now need to focus more on the studies and matching cases to my current one, to be able to see how i could help improve.

so with all this time in hand...what do i do? nothing much, unfortunately, coz fasting is around the corner, i have only 2 more weekends from this coming one. im going to leeds next week, for a weekend for a sleepover at dear cousin's, and expecting guests from malaysia on d following weekend. then fasting comes, which will be horrendous, since its all 19 hours of no food and drinks in the summer...woohoo... guess who'll be d next american top model. hehe. porah!

so ill be left with about a month after that, so that's when i need to come down to london for that last kopek and for the bath, salisbury and windsor tour! then its back to liverpool till end sept and hello malaysia!

doing my thesis is not so bad after all...

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