Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Rest A Bit ;)

Its great to finally have time to breathe...even though its for only 4 days...I had my last paper for my program, it was hell, but heck with it...InsyaAllah, its fine...

After that dreadful day, we went shopping downtown...Most of my shopping now are to satisfy a certain gift list I made few months ago, for everyone...I mean everyone, even to the details of little baby Zara :) They're not much...I was telling a friend the other day, how I hope my friends would even like the presents I got them, on my student wage...He keeps reminding me that its the thought that counts...Wise man :)

So, its June now...my favourite month of the year, when I'd usually celebrate my birthday with my sister and Mak (my fellow-family Gemini mates), with Nik (my fellow-bestie Gemini mate) and the Proton Gemini babies for a short weekend trip...Its just me and housemates this year, with mostly everything on Ada's shoulders...hehe...We bought something for Anis today, which I'm sure she'll love...We'll be celebrating Anis's and my birthday on the 5th, since I'll be working during mine...Yup, the job of trying to get a messy little factory into shape and into being better managed...phew...2.5 months for that! Anyway...I look forward to the days coming, and I hope for the best for my effort of writing 15,000 words starting on my birthday!

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