Thursday, August 30, 2012


I feel sooooo relieved now...I've just handed in my 200 pages long thesis, in 2 copies...I thought the writing up was difficult enough to do, but the printing and binding them was a totally different story...took me 5 hours to make them right...I definitely know for a fact that I will never ever want to work in a binding shop ever....its so damn hard OK, and I managed to ruin about 50pages worth of it...

Anyway...all is in the past...hoping for the best marks :) That's 85% worth...another 15% for next week's presentation...I'm not even bothered with that...I'll do my very best, but what matters is the huge bulk has been handed in...phewwwwww...!!!!!!!!!!!

How do I celebrate? I slept like a log for 3 hours, had a plate of cucur Adabi, a pot of Earl Grey and 4 series of Suits back to back... :p

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