Saturday, September 01, 2012


my latest food adventure here, since a few months back, is to try all the types of cheese i could get on shelf. the mundance cheddar; mild, mature, extra mature, mozarella, parmezan, smoked, edam, leicester, feta, gouda, camembert etc. but i couldn't seem to find THE cheese that i tasted in france few years back.
 i was in marseille in 2010 for a business trip, when i had this same obsession of trying all the cheese the country could offer. i came across this white cheese, not pungent, but had a bitter and a lasting creamy after-taste. i thought i bought the right one when i took back home a pack of goat's cheese, but when i came home to have some with the family, the cheese was either just wrong or the goat seriously needed to bathe.
2 years laters, today, i found it! i happens to be BRIE! and omg, this dieting is gonna be really difficult if this cheese in conveniently in the fridge. have you tasted brie? i dont know how to describe it, but eat it melted on it with grapes...yum...and i just saw few recipes using brie, which i plan to do so tomorrow...sigh...for this type of food sake, i wish i could live here forever...

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