Monday, September 03, 2012

Happy Clam - Hopefully with Better Sleep?

I was telling my friends the other day how I've been having disturbing dreams since last week, most probably due to the thesis submission I did on Thursday, 30th Aug. I thought everything was well, but on Friday, at 5pm, i discovered that everything was not right!

As I opened up my thesis report as reference for my presentation slides in the making, I noticed that some of the words were combined and there were many many red marks everywhere on the report due to error  of spelling and grammar. I didn't really notice it at first but what caught my eye in the end, was the realisation of the margins being out of proportion, and some of the pages had run from its original settings, thus the reports looked; I don't know...WRONG????

So I did the next best thing I could do...cry like a baby...while whining to my friend on FB...he tried consoling, but at that time, nothing could've consoled me. And the next thing I realised was...I forgot to sign the report originality page, the first page of the report...*&THKO*^YY$#%^%T*((!!!!! I realised it then, that it may have been due to version difference between the university computer, where I printed and my lappy...the university computer must have auto-corrected (or incorrected) everything, therefore when I saved on top of the report, the outcome was just soooo bad...My mind was it just on this soft copy (which, by the way I have submitted to my supervisor, but was told to resubmit, thank goodness) or did it also affect the hard copy??? throughout the weekend up till last night, I've been dreaming of my family, my life, and woke up with a headache due to all the winding dreams...

Today, I saw a different light however. I was supposed to meet up with my supervisor at 3pm, but of coz, Olyn being Olyn, I arrived at 2.40pm, so that gave me some time to just sit around at the lobby till 3. An idea struck suddenly, to just try check with the Administrator if they still had my report. And YES THEY DID!!!!! So I got the opportunity to scan through the report once again (and once again forgot to take the picture of the huge beautiful thing) and to sign it, as I should have....R.E.L.I.E.V.E.D

Better still, when I met my supervisor, I was told how happy she was with me and how easy it was dealing with me...double happiness in a day...I couldn't ask for more...syukur Alhamdulillah dear've been  too wonderful...I pray now for much better sleep tonight...Amin :)