Monday, April 23, 2007

Bad Hair Day

Well, actually, for me, everyday is a bad hair day. But I'd never anticipated facing the very worst bad hair day ever, and it's today, on a blue Monday at the office. So you can imagine how I feel today la kan. @#$%^*^%$@#%^*!!!! I actually have no one else to blame but myself and my therapist (beauty therapist aaa, I'm not a psycho yet). I wash my hair everyday, for the past years, as long as I can remember, but suddenly, this minachi came into my life, and had asked that I change my routine to only 3 to four times a week. I refused to budge at first, but last night, I was determined, and had finally answered the challenge this morning. I didn't even want to leave the house, but Mak SWORE that it looked fine. The first person I met this morning was surprised by the change, and didn't even try to hide his utter surprise. Oh yeah, by the way, I tried hiding the bad hair by wearing a cute hair clip, and what did I get for that? 'You look like a baby!' Hmm...think people! Would that sound good to anyone, especially if you were my age? Heck no. Anyway, after my fifth visit to vanity land (aka the Ladies lav), I gave in entirely, and the 'thing' called hair on my head is safely bunched up in a ponytail. I still don't look too good, but this feels much better than looking like a fully grown baby. Yuck!


Ms Nellie said...

Olyn seriously, i think it's not too bad not washing your hair on a daliy basis. Heck, i only wash mine twice a week! ;p
(such an expensive affair!)

OLYN said...

if you saw how it was yesterday, ud totally agree...i couldnt put it up in d blog...sian korang kena tgk nnt...looked like i didnt wash for a whole week!

niQue_naQ said...

wat do you mean everyday is bad hair day? i like your hair!

come on, how bad can it be? show me a picture gehehe