Friday, April 27, 2007

Tag Lagi

7 things meme
Alamak...Kena tag lagi..But this is definitely a different version of the tags I'm used to. Lets see if I could survive this headache.

7 things to do before i die:
- Have gorgeous kids with my gorgeous husband (gorgeous soul of course, I don't go for the face...sorry ye lelaki2 handsome yang tak berjiwa...if you have both, then its a bonus la..haha)
- Do sky diving
- Perform Haj with my loved ones. Its was wonderful performing Umrah with Mak last year.
- Own a cozy and fantastic restaurant, that even the Sultan goes to (like Indulgence or better)
- Become a doctor (either by PhD or MD)
- Own a beautiful villa by the beach or a cottage in the highlands
- Own a BMW

7 things I can't do:
- Burp loudly like a monster. Yuck!!
- Eating without manners. Sorry Mr. Ex...I just can't do it as bad as you. Ayah taught me well
- Hurt people unintentionally, and just letting it go that way. I'd say sorry
- Pick my nose while driving
- Laugh like a lady (sorry Mak, I just can't do it when in my comfy zone, but I definitely do, dalam boleh la bawak majlis)
- Wear a corset (no way)

7 things that attract me to Europe: (I've never been there OK..takleh tempat lain ke?)
- Castles I see on Travel and Living
- Food I see on Travel and Living
- Cheap designer brands I see my friends bring home when they go there
- Fish and Chips?? Tuh je kan yang boleh makan pon kat situ?
- Gorgeous scenery I see on Travel and Living
- Good shoes my size at a fraction of the price
- Romantic getaways I see on Travel and Living, and from books I read

7 things I like to say:
- Serious??
- Biar benar!!!
- Duh...
- Bloody hell!!!!
- Alo :)
- Pakcik
- Wat de heck??!!!

7 good books:
- Tell Me Your Dreams
- The Opposite of Fate
- Pride, Prejudice and Jasmin Field
- 100 Simple Rules to a Great Relationship (haha...such irony)
- Kisah-Kisah Nabi (sangat lil sis introduced me to this)
- Jane Eyre
- Merck Manual Medical Info

7 good films:
- Practical Magic
- The Messenger
- The Sound of Music
- The Lakehouse
- Sleepers
- Kuch Kuch Hota Hey (tangkap leleh ok)
- Love Actually

7 blogs to tag:
- Lina
- Nique
- Zai
- Judd
- Bosh
- I realize that I don't have that many friends with
- blogs...Aiyo...Atau kawan memang tak ramai loser la plak :p

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