Thursday, April 05, 2007

Calorie IQ

Test your CALORIE IQ! Which of the following snacks have the fewest calories?

At the Mall
1. Soft serve vanilla/chocolate ice cream in a wafer cone (small serving)
2. Strawberry Wild, Jamba Juice (24 oz)
3. Aunt Annie's Pretzel (whole wheat without butter)
4. Cinnabon - MiniBon
Answer: Small soft serve ice cream cone (at 150 calories).The whole wheat, butter-less pretzel, has a whopping 350 calories and the Cinnabon,... even though it's "mini" will set you back 300 calories. While the smoothie seems like a good choice, it's a large serving and the calories add up fast (310 calories).

At Starbucks
*All small servings with skim milk
1. Pomegranate Frappuccino juice blend - no whipped cream
2. Coffee Frappuccino Light - no whipped cream
3. Iced vanilla skim latte - no whipped cream
Answer: Coffee Frappuccino Light (110 calories).The Iced Vanilla Skim Latte is only slightly higher, so you can certainly enjoy that too (120 calories). However, the Pomegranate Frapp is laden with sugar and has as many calories as the Coffee Frappucino Light with whipped cream (210 calories). The best Frappucino Light options are without whipped cream - they're low in fat and less than 200 calories.

At the Movies
1. Medium popcorn - "no butter"
2. Twizzlers (6oz bag)
3. Chocolate Covered Raisins (3.5oz bag)
Answer: Chocolate covered raisins (at 410 calories).
The chocolate raisins are the least caloric, although eating only half the box would be the best option by far! The Twizzlers are next (570 calories), and surprisingly the most caloric is the unbuttered, medium popcorn at a whopping 900 calories! That's because movie theatre popcorn is popped in so much oil (not to mention the salt).

adapted from Yahoo!

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