Sunday, April 29, 2007


I always thought that logically, everybody deserves a chance, in just about everything, especially when it comes to happiness, friendship and love. I have this nagging habit of making excuses for people who doesn’t (I’d psycho myself, telling myself that they are maybe too shy, too self conscious, has low confidence or whatever it is that I could make logic of) or plainly refuses to have friends, even when these friends come knocking on their door.

I treated myself for a nice relaxing facial today, and had hours of thinking between the masques and massages, and I’ve finally made up my mind that I’ll just give up on this person. You see, I think it’s just a habit of mine to make friends with just about everyone, even though some people are quizzical on how I could with this person. She chooses her circle, is very proud, but just when thought I saw the softer, more sensitive part of her, in a snap, it just fades away, and away.

This person does not really want friends, and I was concerned, because I thought that she was an intelligent and one of the most interesting person I've ever met. Someone you could talk to on just about everything, someone who is so particular about even the smallest things in life, and I find this intriguing and different than what I’ve ever come across in people in my circle. I thought you could become a trustworthy friend, a confidante, a listener or just plain 'friend'. But you repeatedly show that nothing in this world is more important than yourself, and you refuse to care about how people are or how they feel.

I guess I’ll just let you slip away as you wish. I’m sure you’ll find someone more deserving as a friend, but I’m pretty sure now it’s just not me.

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