Saturday, April 28, 2007

Futsal Mania

The winning teams

Half time - sempat lagi posing tuh

Third game against each other - Happy Feet (blue) vs La Chicas (orange)

Us and Coach Azhar - I think he lost his voice that day..poor guy

Selepas berhempas pulas, for weeks and weeks, the big day for my Futsal career ( bagus) had finally come and gone in merely 4 hours. My department sent in 2 teams, just to make sure we could grab all the money we could for this very hard-working team of 10. We started as 10, and slowly expanded to 14, to ensure we could submit both teams in (rules said to have only 7 per team). I loved every minute of the game today, even though it was somewhat different than what I ever imagined it to be. So many good athletes in the company. So surprising, but such a challenge.

My team (Happy Feet) got ourselves RM100, at fourth place and the other team (La Chicas) earned their RM200, at first place. All are esctatic to the point that yours trully can't even sleep now, even though I know I should rest before my function tonight. My brain is somewhat so excited and happy that it keeps on repeating the scenes in my aching head. I got bruises all over my legs (defence la katakan), I scraped my elbow again and I am so tired now God knows how I'll survive. Saturday morning well spent!

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