Friday, June 08, 2007

Gemini 3+2

Nita and Mak gettin' comfy

Wacko men of the family. Heikal, trying his best to murder the napkin.

My very first Benefit. Suke sangat! So terus try pakai

Me and Na at Manhattan Fish Market posing before smudging our faces with fish

Nell gumbira dengan Nasik Lemaknye at Little Penang :)

I think this may be the most pokai but the best month every year for everyone in the family and amongst my best friends. There are 3 Gemini's in the family (Nita on 27/5, Myself on 6/6, and Mak on 8/6) and 2 other Gemini's closest to my heart (Nik on 7/6 and Nell on 19/6). Today marks the last celebration for the month for the family (phew), we ended it with a grand dinner at Naab, Ampang Point. But let's just start from the beginning.
Nita's was at Fish Manhattan Market (yummy), followed by Secret Recipe New York Cheese Cake (yummy). Mine was at Bora Ombak (yummy), and was presented by the crew and singer, my choice of Secret Recipe Mud Cake (yum). And Mak's was as mentioned, followed by Secret Recipe Yoghurt Cheese Cake (yummilicious to both).

Topping up all these, my closest colleagues took me out for lunch on my birthday at Chatters, USJ12. The food was good, we had non-stop entertainment (Batu) and hillarious talk and action by others (Lin, Ariff and Farid). Nell was such a sweetheart, for gathering the BFF's for Little Penang, KLCC, the next day after work and even got the cakes that I love (a slice of Chocolate Indulgence and a slice of Vanilla Mango). Food was without a doubt, yummy. (Speaking of which...Next week have to start back on diet! Too much cakes for the month!) And as a conclusion, I received:

1. Handbag from Mak
2. Levi's jeans from Nita
3. Watch from Kak Dudi
4. Handphone holder from Na
5. Benefit Pocket Pal from BFF's
And will receive (bile yer?):

1. Ice cream treat at Baskin

Thank you so much everyone, for spoiling me rotten this year. Even though I'm pretty shy to admit it, but I loved (so much) the birthday song you guys sang to me at the office. I don't think any office in the world could compare. Thanks Sheikh, for the RNB version, thanks Batu, for starting the choir, thanks Kak Bib for singing to me a bit, later (coz you came in late again :p). Thank you Mak, Nita, Kak Dudi, Na and my fav girlfriends for your wonderful gifts. Once again Nell...I didn't mean to hint. I was just telling you a story :p Thank you Batu, Ariff, Lin and Farid for my birthday lunch. Love you guys to bits. xoxoxoxox


Ms Nellie said...

Awww...Olyn you're making me blush ..;p hehehehehe..You know that we'd do your bday celebration again and again if it makes you thattttt..happy! heheh..Pleasure's all ours..and we're glad you are now in the Benefit clan!

eL said...

Happy Belated Birthday, sweet adorable ladies! :)