Friday, June 29, 2007

everything happens for a reason,
every sickness promises health (or death) in the end,
every mistake promises lessons not to be repeated,
every failure promises success some day,
life was not writen over a day by mere human,
life is a journey beyond our control,
beyond our imagination,
God promises good for the good,
bad for the bad,
most importantly God promises forgiveness
for whom forseeks forgiveness,
happiness for whom works hard for happiness,
beyond this dark patch of clouds,
God promises His loved ones a rainbow,
God, help me go through this,
give me strength and courage and hope,
everything happens for a reason, i hope,
there's a blessing in disguise, i pray.

ps:BFF's...i need a hug


eL said...

Olynn, I'm here for you. Always have and always will. We all go through rough patches in our lives. God knows our strengths and weaknesses, and God won't burden us with more than we can handle. Do take good care of yourself, dear Olynn.

Lina said...

Put...sedeynyer baca ur post this time...bigggg hug from me...whatever it is, u'll come thru it...

OLYN said...

thanks lina...i miss chatting away wit u...nnt i gi ganu lg, kite lepak2 lg k...

OLYN said...

thanks lucky to not only have such great friends, but great cousins too :)

IbuHaziq said...

jom hug hug...i need a hug too...

OLYN said...

hehe...jom...bile free? :p