Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sup Punye Pasal

Sup ape ni yer...? :)

Tangkap basah ngan Na!

Crazy nite. Mak felt like having a bowl of soup at one of our fav spots for sup mamak, which serves all kinds of soups of all parts of the lembu, kambing and ayam. Sup Jalan Doraisamy has been one of the biggest spots in KL since forever. I just came back from a bowl of Sup Campur - no need to know la campur ape. 'Cherry' of the nite was the sudden downpour (cats and dogs OK) that got us drenched, and slightly disappointed with the cold Nasi Lemak they had to serve with the soups. Soups were excellent, nevertheless. And a word of warning...Never park at the parking space legally on Friday and Saturday nites. They charge you RM10 per entry.

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