Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Korea Korea Part 1

Maple tree at the National Museum at Guangjoo

With Min, our devoted Asst Manager+driver+entertainer

Frust tak dpt tengok traditional dance, nyanyi sorang je la

Discussion at a coffee shop in Busan. May have been one of my fav times there

Its been a while since my last post. I've been missing for the past 4 weeks, thanks to my company for sending me once again, for an overseas assignment and the none stop work that followed. I loved each and every moment of the 11 days I was in Korea (well, maybe minus the 2 minutes of tears...hehe); be it the people, the work and of course the food even though I was screaming for beef and chicken by the end of the week. I almost did, in the airline.

Anyway, the whole affair was work work work, eat kimchi (kimchi starters, kimchi soup, kimchi fried rice) and an overall of about 10 hours of shopping (about 5 hours on the one Sunday off from work in Ulsan, another 1 hour of stolen time during lunch, and another 4 hours or so during the short stay in Seoul) Life was definitely hectic especially from the non-stop work, but I'm definitely looking forward to more of these kinda assignment.
My work revolves much around Ulsan, an industrial city, especially catering for Hyundai, and a few days trip to Busan (about 2 hours drive from Ulsan). Weather was perfect, about 16 - 21 deg Celcius during the day (I loike very much!) and we were driven around by the Asst Manager of the company we were working with, a young, hyperactive, cute guy (married though :p) who fell in love with Siti Nurhaliza, when one of the other guys that came, gave him a CD having one of her most recent songs. hehe. My job was to approve of what they do, comment, and solve the problems that arise, with help of others.

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