Monday, December 12, 2011

busy approaching the holidays

i went through quite a bit the past week, but didn't have much time to blog about them...yours truly had been really busy, trying to settle the last bits of assignments due, last one by tomorrow, which is now safely printed and filed to be submitted tomorrow morning :)

anyway...its december! we have been expecting snow for few weeks now...but theres been hail and rain and hail and lotsa wind, that broke my fav umbrella (its free from my school, but its something money can never buy u see...) ok..back to what i did last week...aside from my 2 crazy assignments...

we had winter dinner! well...was supposed to be called christmas dinner, but we twisted it a bit to that...dinner was at red hot...yummy food...i wouldnt really call it halal, coz they do serve pork, but all others (chicken, beef n lamb) are halal was excellent too...the function was organized by the Liverpool Malaysian Society (thus explaining why they took the effort of finding halal dinner) was simple; short speech after dinner by mr. president, secret santa wrapping the nite...but everyone had great food and lotsa photos :)

i also went to the winter jamboree...this was organized by the university student committee...many good performances from various clubs..i must applaud the malaysian 24 drum club for their outstanding performance...and the hindi club for a very very catchy dance routine, which got us clapping and dancing and calling out for more!! food was so-so la...nothing to shout about...but i do need to point out that the minced pies are superlicious...need to learn how to make them pies...yummm

soo...these were all between tummy pain on wednesday and writing a 10,000 word report and another 2,500 word report...huhu...multitasking...something which im proud of having, coz im a girl! :p next up...3 more assignments to finish before going down to london for christmas!! :)

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