Friday, May 11, 2012

My Own Home!

I was supposed to study today, which I did, but keep on stalling because of a conversation I had with Mom just now...I'm sooo looking forward to go back home now...So many things to look forward to, especially my new house, just waiting for me to clean and make beautiful...It's my first home, and though I would love to equip it with the best things, I think this will be a non-pretentious home which I'd decorate to my affordability, and modesty but above all, good taste :)

I'm still making up my mind about the colours of the rooms, which I will paint with own bare hands, since they're not so large anyway...My room; I think my friends could well guess what colour...maybe ash pink or light blue...the library either turquoise or earth green..and the second bedroom either blue or yellow...Mom said the overall colour of the house is a nice beige, so I guess all these colours would suit it...

First things to do:
1. Basic electrical needs - plugs, lights and fans
2. Paint
3. Clean !!
4. Basic Kitchen Cabinet
5. Sofa
6. Main Room Deco
7. Second Room Deco
8. Electrical Appliances

My weekend project between my new busy working life...Once I reach number 5, I plan to make doa selamat for the family and besties...Excited!!!

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