Monday, October 02, 2006

Hobbies Wobblies

Just last week, I had a friendly tongue slash with a few friends in the office on the topic of hobbies. I always thought that hobbies would be anything, as long as you do it in your spare time. Up until then, I've always considered reading, cooking and travelling as my idea of hobbies. This is what I came up with while checking out the Wikipedia.

"Hobbies are practised for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. Examples include collecting, making, tinkering, sports and adult education. Engaging in a hobby can lead to acquiring substantial skill, knowledge, and experience. However, personal fulfillment is the aim. What are hobbies for some people are professions for others: a game tester may enjoy cooking as a hobby, while a professional chef might enjoy playing (and helping to debug) computer games. Generally speaking, the person who does something for fun, not remuneration, is called an amateur (or hobbyist), as distinct from a professional. An important determinant of what is considered a hobby, as distinct from a profession (beyond the lack of remuneration), is probably how easy it is to make a living at the activity. Almost no one can make a living at cigarette card or stamp collecting, but many people find it enjoyable; so it is commonly regarded as a hobby."

That proves that cooking and travelling may be a hobby, but I felt challenged yet again, so I'm thinking really hard about what I can pick up at this age and time, so as to not fall into the circle of people with 'meaningless lives'. The challenge to my lame idea of hobbies were things like guitar, scuba, golf etc. I had once known a person who thinks that watching TV is a hobby, and I seriously was against that as one, and yet even I don't have a solid hobby of my own. LOSER!

reminder to self: start something by this week!

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