Monday, October 02, 2006


I've recently started back my reading momentum that I've dumped a few months back, thanks to dear Nique who had lent me her books while packing for UK a month back. I finished both books; Everyone Worth Knowing and Pride, Prejudice and Jasmine Field within a few weeks. And now I'm addicted to chic-flicks (is that how you spell it?). I've always admired Sex and The City the series, and have always awed at all these feminist-like fables that I see in each of its characters. Carrie being my fav. In both the books, you could find the familiar humor, setting and style of writing. I love the books so much that I bought my own book (which I have not done for quite a while) by the same author of the former, called The Devil Wears Prada. Its movie version is now in cinema. Jom Bardaques!!!Let's make it on a weekend so that we can watch movie during the day, and berbuka together afterwards. 14th October as suggested by Nellie is a OK for me!

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