Monday, October 09, 2006

Weekend Blizzard

Last weekend must have been one of the fastest finishing weekends of my life! I'm still in my Sunday mode. My physique may be in the office (no choice) but my soul is definitely at home, on my bed, under the comfy covers. *sigh*

Anyway, the weekend started pretty bad. Had a take-away from the office cafeteria (as always) comprising of a few kuihs, and 4 lame and pathetic begedil (potato and meat patties), just additions to what Mak has cooked at home. Why lame? Because it is supposed to have both potatoes and meat, but I could only find potatoes and some overcooked fried onions in them. Yuck! I vowed there and then that I' be making the begedil on Sunday, and yup I did. The cooking was a flash, and I'm proud to share it.

Saturday, I woke up with a start, coz we had a knock on the door, telling us that a close neighbor had passed away.Innalillah Wainnailaihirrajiun...We dressed and got there just in time to recite Yasin, and burial was done thereafter. Miss Ayah. We said our goodbyes to the family, and headed straight to Carrefour for my begedil ingredients and some baby girfts for a cousin's new baby (Abang Is's and Kak Nana's baby girl). Iftar was all the way in PJ's Syed Restaurant. Had their famous Nasi Beriani Bukhara. Nice...

Sunday, woke up happily late, and shot off with my sistas to Zhulian (purchase my first customers orders) and the Bazaar at Plaza Mont Kiara. The Bazaar was fantastic. I got what I needed - beaded necklace for my oh-so-plain baju kurung raya, and a Tiffany bracelet (the tipu version, of course) for my lil sis. Lawa...Rushed home afterwards to start on my begedil, and at 6, we shot off again, this time to my sis's place for Iftar. Nasi Ayam. My fav. Went really well with my begedil too. So all in all, the weekend was great, but too short. Tomoro's another great day! Its aaa holiday...!!!

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