Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Graduated Sis

I didn't really have time to update last week, but actually many events have happened, amongst them were my sister, Nita's graduation. She graduated with a Bachelor (Hons) Pharmacy from UiTM. The ceremony was grand...And the best part is that they could materialise every internal resources there are for the ceremony. There was the orchestra, the singers (opera singers OK...), deco mind of their own (but I wasn't too impressed with this though...a bit kampong...too much scallops for my liking...exterior of hall was good, beautiful orchids here and there but the interior...?), the catering for parents etc. Nita and Mak were looking their best, in my beading creation of course. I was OK la. :p Alhamdullillah...Everything went well, despite the Chancellor (Agong) not present. My sis actually made it through, without tumbling onto the Pro Chancellor or making a fool of herself. hehe. And I'm glad that my sis had eventually graduated as a professional. Just another sis to go. Me and Mak and the rest of the family are so proud of you Nita! And we pray only the best would come for your future intakes. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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