Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Remember the time when I said that I have started back my hobby of reading? Well, just recently, I bought a book on sale, by Adele Parks called 'The Other Woman's Shoes'. I haven't read it yet, but I sooo can't wait. I'm trapped though, coz I need to finish up what I'm reading now, 'Reasonable Doubt' by Philip Friedman. Its been a while since I've read a heavy storyline such as the latter. The story's good, no doubt, but I guess I'm just another typical girl who's in love with exploring what could happen to another typical girl on the other side of the world. Anyway, day by day time is too short for me, nowadays. I just can't seem to finish the book! I guess I'll just give myself another 2 weeks to finish, and if I'm still stuck, I'll just give up and go to the next one. Even the cover shows how tempting the book is, don't you think?

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