Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Rumah Terbuka

Last Saturday, sis and I had an Open House of our own, so that we could invite our friends over for a makan-makan. Me and Nita woke up for Subuh, and started cooking right after. Nita had prepared her fudge the nite before, alongside my ketupat and Na had arranged the table and tidied up the house. And there's of course preps for all the food for the day. Menu for the day was Nasi Beriani with Kurma Ayam and Daging Goreng Berlada, Shepherd's Pie and Coleslaw, and of course the classic Open House menu of Ketupat, Rendang Tok, Rendang Perak and Kuah Kacang. Mak had prepared the Daging Goreng Berlada, Rendang and Kuah Kacang, Nita had prepared the fudge and Coleslaw, and I prepared the rest of the spread. All was done by 11.30am, and so we had plenty of time to get made up and dressed.

We opened at 1pm, and my first guests streamed in. All those invited actually turned up, even from as far as Sungai Buloh and Shah Alam! I was going here and there, trying my very best to attend to each guests, and to encourage them to eat and drink more and more. We were so happy at the turn up of event, that we're definitely making one every year from now on. Food prepared was ngam-ngam (except for the Nasi Beriani and Kurma Ayam, which we had extras till yesterday) for the crowd of about 70 peeps (ramai kan?) I just hope that everyone that came were happy and satisfied with the food and our hospitality. Thousand apologees for any wrong-doings during your visit to our humble Open House. Hope to see all and even more next year. InsyaAllah...

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