Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Trip

Just recently, well just yesterday, I had a day business trip with my elder sis, bro-in-law and her MIL, to Penang. Weird combi aye, but everything went pretty well. The plan initially included only myself n sis, but MIL wanted to come as well, so bro came too. I was MIL's partner for the day, and its neat what you can learn from others when you travel. She turned to be quite a terrific travel partner...

Anyway, melalut lak. This was supposed to be on my trip. We set out from the agency at 12am Friday, on a luxury tour bus, they provided karipap (macam tau-tau je its my fav kuih in the the world! So I was much happier after) and just a few words as starters for the trip. During the trip, the bus driver thought it'd be nice to put on the VCD, of Snakes on the Plane, but turned out agak disastrous, coz half way through, the scenes were not quite.ehem...good to watch. I was laughing my head of (in my heart though...the crowd was quite too Malay to accept), making a straight and serious face, while shouting for the driver to turn it off with te rest (such an actress!) After that everything went black, knocked out till the bus stopped at Tapah, went to toilet, and continued my sleep, till we reach Penang. I didn't even realise when we crossed the bridge!

Our first stop was the Masjid Negeri. Such splendour! We had a bath in the men's bathroom (!) coz there were too many ladies, and no men were using it at that moment. That was something else! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention. The trip consisted of 14 busses of ladies only and about 10 men. Prayed Subuh, and set out to the HQ. Breakfast was grand, and we were sent for a grand tour of the facilities and factory. I always thought that things made in bulk would all come from machines. But I'm impressed on how MAN-MADE the jewelleries are from Zhulian. Every detail (except the basics from the mould) is hand made. The tour was impressive, and we had a talk on healthcare with a reknowned nutritionist, Dr. Azhar. Next was lunch, and again, was fantastic, with Nasi Tomato, Kari Udang, Kari Sotong, Ayam Masak Merah, Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet, Rojak Buah, some fruits for dessert, and Air Laici. After lunch, the gathering resumed, and we set off after, at about 5.30pm. This time, we didn't get to sleep till almost Tapah, coz the guide asked each one of us to break the ice, so that when we meet next time, it wouldn't be too odd.

We arrived at the agency at about midnight, and at last, I get to sleep the most beautiful sleep for the week....

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