Thursday, November 02, 2006

Fasting in Syawal

I'm sure many are accustomed to Puasa 6 with exception of her highness Olyn of course...Today is my first day (very first day of my entire human life, mind you) performing such an act, and boy, how I'm surprised at how simple 30 days of fasting in Ramadhan is compared to what I'm going through now...Tummy churning and whining and protesting like nobody's business...Such a brat! But I must say that I'm amazed now at how tough people can be, not eating, in the month of eating...One of the guys looked at me this morning, and told me that my face just showed everything...Eyebags, tongue hanging (ramai la plak yg bwk kuih la, kek la), shoulders drooping ...With chest high and mighty, he announced to me that its his final 6th day...Jeles giler ok...How the heck did he resist all the open houses lining up through the week and weekend? Was it purely temptation that everyone (except me) can ignore or what? I totally salute that guy and everyone out there with me in the war (ahaks!) for God's love and consent...Its about 5 hours to go till buka puasa and 5 more days to go...

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