Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Office Eatout

Been a while since my office had a get together, which includes a good meal. We went slurpin' away last week at Johnny's Steamboat. I'd just like to consider the gathering as a Raya gathering, but someone is leaving the office (permanently, unlike myself) so we celebrated his leave as well. Anyway, service was excellent, food was good as well. I called in just about 2 hours before coming with 20 others, and when we arrived, all were pleased with the setting. This particular Johnny's at The Summit has a nice atmosphere as well, and good ventilation. I managed to go through the meal without a drop of sweat, while cooking away happily. Everyone had a good time and looking forward to the next gathering. Btw...for further info on the restaurant, check out this website:
note: get the promotion cutouts!

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