Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Fast-Moving March

Abang and Marina at Putrajaya

Han & I at Shikin's wedding in DePalma Hotel

Baby Adam in his Tok's comforting embrace

Its been a while since the last post, and the weird thing is, I was not even THAT busy to write. There just wasn't the mood to I guess. Let's see...For the past 2 weeks, my weekends are full of weddings (to attend as guest) so you can imagine how I've swayed from my diet. Been eating rice (haven't done that for 2 months before 2 weeks ago) but maintaining, thank God. Had the pleasure of splurging on wedding gifts for my beloved friends who got hitched during the past weeks. There was Baim (and Marina), Lin (and Pejol), Linda (and Yopi) and Shikin (and Zia) Dearest friends...Congrats on your weddings...May you have a wonderful life together, make many many babies for me to spoil, and live happily ever after. Speaking of babies, my cousin Lily had just blessed the family with the arrival of Adam Zulkarnain. Alhamdulilah, both mother and son are in good health.

Besides that, I had 1 day (only 1 day OK) of having the pleasure of cooking, that I cooked too much and managed to bring a bit to the office for my spoiled neighbors to indulge. Made Makaroni Bakar (notice that its not called Baked Macaroni, coz its a Malayanized version of it). I'll share the recipe shortly. Another one of my easy-to-make baked extravaganza.

Work, however, has been quite stagnant these days. I've done all that needs to be done, and really can't make up any other work for now. I just had a looonnng talk with my boss regarding my position, my grade, my job, the enigma of it all, the fairness and unfairness etc...You know how it is...And this conversation may have been the best conversation I've ever had with him, since joining his force one and a half years ago. I think there'll be more of this 'talk' from now onwards..And its amazing how he sees everything. I mean everything, OK. From your best to your worst, and I'm happy that he sees more of the former in me ;) I guess its not so bad working here after all, and I could make do till...

I've been tagged aye, by Nik and Lina...I'm kinda open about everything that I do and did, so I don't really know what I could talk about. Give me a bit of time, and I'll try figure out about 10 secrets I could write on.

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