Thursday, March 29, 2007

I Was Tagged!!!

Hey...I was tagged twice by Nik and Lina...But I don't think I could make up 12 tags la kan..Basically, from what I understand, I need to tell everyone, 6 things that I don't think many people know about myself.

Tag 1: My Name
I was actually born Roselyn Binti Zamri, until my mom and aunts realised that they made a mistake about their children's names. I was 9 years old when my name changed to the current. We had a choice of using Puteri and Megat (Perak descendants) or Nik (Kelantan descendants). I think Mak and Ayah made a good choice to compliment my name, don't ya?
Tag 2: Nasik
I have a very unusual affection or should I say, obsession for rice. Yup, that explains the 'curves' la kan. Its been this way since adolescense, and yes, it was one of the biggest family jokes of all times. It got so bad, that one time when I went to an aunt's house, she had jokingly asked me if I wanted rice, and I said yes, and the adults all laughed, and went on with their small talks and left me waiting for the rice. Kejam kan? But I pretty much have gone over that phase I think (I'm trying to psycho myself here...supportive la sket) and am pretty much in control of the amount I take now. Hail to the queen of rice!
Tag 3: Cooking Frenzy
I started smoking the kitchen when I was about 9 years old. Started with surprise breakfasts for the family, to cookies, to cakes from Mak's recipe books and as I grew, I started making my own dishes. I guess a big part of this passion is due to the apreciation I get from my family who ever-so-willingly eats all that I cook and generously pours praises after praises for all that I make. Just recently I realise as well that cooking destresses me and is a form of relaxation for the weekend.
Tag 4: Stutter
I used to stutter when I was a young girl. Not the really bad kind, but still a stutter la. I'd have 'um um um' in almost every sentence, that an aunt used to call me Little Plum (a cartoon character that talks like me). It somehow got better throughout the years and Alhamdulillah, its 99.9% gone by now. I'm talking none stop now :)
Tag 5: Superstitious
I'm kinda superstitious. I try very hard not to sing in the kitchen when I cook, I religiously wash my feet before hopping into bed at night, I avoid black cats (dah la banyak kat may housing area), I don't 'tegur' smells at night and a few more I can't think of right now. I love all the hocus pocus things I see on TV. My favorite movie of all times is Practical Magic.
Tag 6: Relationships; To be or Not to Be
I am very traditional, especially when it comes to relationships. Yup, I know its the 21st century and I am every bit as modern as everyone else, but when it comes to initiating a relationship, I'd raise the white flag. My past relationships were easy, coz the guys made the first move and I'd mutually give in and fall for the guy (realising much later how I don't really dig into the them anyway, more for the presence of a BF) No first moves from me, ever, I think. I'm too shy for that. :p

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