Saturday, March 31, 2007

Nasi Ayam Mencongkam

I just came back, with a full tummy, and a smiley face, coz I just had my all time favorite food in the world (besides Karipap), Nasi Ayam. But what I had was not just any Nasi Ayam, it was Nasi Ayam Garing (their speciality), which you can only get at Nasi Ayam Mencongkam in Gombak.

The generous serving of rice was fragrant with sesame oil (and they use Beras Siam ok...), the soup was tasty and detailed with the taste of grind garlic and a bit of spices (just nice), real chicken stock, generous amount of bawang goreng, daun sup and daun bawang and a teeny bit of chopped cili padi for that extra kick (usually what we get nowadays is water, chicken cube and peanuts), Thai-style chili sauce, and a generous serving of chicken (and no extra charges for my fav part - drumstick, best sangat..) which is perfectly crispy as named, but not dry, and is garnished with lettuce and cucumber and a splash of their own kicap. Yummy. Service was good and fast, and it opens everyday, from 10 am to 12 pm (till the chicken sells out) Very highly recommended, for Nasi Ayam lovers like myself. I reward this place 4 stars. Thanks Mr. Left Neighbor for recommending!

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