Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year, New Me

I realise that I have a lot of time nowadays, thanks to a leap in transition I'm going through currently (more of that when it happens). Happy New Year everyone, and may this year be a great year for all of us. I know for a fact that 2008 would see me all hyped up, and am looking forward to the days to come. A new year, many many new resolutions (which I don't think I'd share this year, so that it comes true) and many many many more challenges and happiness (I hope) to come very soon.

One thing I do wanna share out of all the resolutions I've managed to scribble in my little black book is....tak kuasa. Something that is not really 'Olyn' but a definite change that I'd like to acquire, come this new year. But don't take 'tak kuasa' as a negative thing. Tak kuasa can be very positive actually, depending on how I want to use it. I'm a Jenaton (something probably only my family could understand) and we are somehow genetically very sensitive towards so many things that sometimes this sensitivity ruins us in a lot of ways. Tak kuasa would oppose the Jenatonness in me, and I'd eagerly embrace this new change for the betterman of me. Bear with me and do tell me if I ever go overboard with 'tak kuasa' OK. Tak nak over lak..hehe

My definition of tak kuasa -
1. Tak kuasa nak memikirkan how others feel and act (call me Ms. I-want-only-world-peace).
2. Tak kuasa nak pening over even the smallest matter (which I usually do). I'd just open my trap and be done with it. Ask and get answers and apologize and be forgiven.
3. Tak kuasa nak ambik hati with whatever that anyone does to me.
4. Tak kuasa nak take everything to heart. Sometimes its just not about me, so Olyn, shut it and continue with life.
5. Tak kuasa nak explain myself too much. I'm tired.
6. Tak kuasa nak bergaduh with people. Another very tiring practice. (this excludes a person that I surely DO NOT wanna befriend ever again or look at even if I was born again 10 times).
7. Tak kuasa nak please people.

Not bad aye how powerful such a simple phrase could be...So hopefully you'll be seeing a more matured me from this year on. Happy New Year again!

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