Friday, January 18, 2008

Olyn Bakes Cupcakes

As some are aware, I sell cupcakes part time. This post is an updated version of the last post I made regarding my cupcakes, due to the current price increase for raw material. (Blame the government servants who get an absurdly high pay-rise recently and causing inflation) and because, as you could see, I have a new product line of Fondant Topping and chocolate cupcakes.

For orders, email me personally (, min of a week in advance (if sooner, just try email me, I'll try my best to satisfy you). Min order is 6pcs, and max of 150pcs.
I make only classic butter cupcakes and chocolate cupcakes, but with 4 types of toppings for you to mix and match:

1. Buttercream topping
2. Chocolate Ganache topping
3. Cheese topping
All are priced at RM1.50 (M) and RM2.50 (L)
For Fondant Topping, however, price depends on how extensive you want your deco to be. Price starts from RM2.00 to RM4.50. For the ones I show (I made these for my friends' birthday just recently) I'd charge only RM2.50 (M)

As before, please specify:
1. Your choice of color, pattern, theme, name of birthday indi etc.
2. Which topping you require.
3. Where you live (if you need delivery - extra charges for areas beyond KL)
4. Name and phone number, for easier communication :)

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