Tuesday, January 29, 2008

AJL 2007

Yours truly was lucky indeed, to have a sis who has a friend who's a cousin at TV3 (mouthful? hehe..) Had a great time; live music is always a pleasure, good company (my sisters n her friend) and great seats, what more could I ask for (sitting amongst the celebs OK) and of course we couldn't pass the opportunity of this by not taking pix with them. Btw...I think Estranged was fantastic, Jaclyn and Lah was superb! Check these out! Oh yeah...did I mention?This is the new me 2008, for those who hasn't seen me since 1/1/2008. Yes, Han...it's gonna stay :)

Na and I at our seats; waiting...

I'd go to their concert anytime...Very talented lot from Sabah; Estranged

Jaclyn and Lah's goosebumpy performance..flawless..

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herl said...

put..congrats on ur "hijrah"...nnt ada masa, kita jumpa, eh?