Thursday, January 17, 2008

Food Review 0108 - Briani Power House

Set modestly in Section 13 Shah Alam, I'd give this place a second or third or fourth try for its delectable taste in Briani Gam. I had Briani Gam Ayam (taking extra care of myself, not to indulge in anymore of those yummylicious lamb - not good for your cholesterol Olyn!) My officemates took me for a farewell lunch today, there, and I was really happy with what they served. May have been one of the best Briani Gam I've tasted so far.

The rice was fluffy and rich tasting (I'd judge the rice, by tasting it on its own first, before taking it with the grave) with generous sprinkle of cashew nuts and Ghee. The chicken, however, is fried on its own (I think this is done maybe to avoid the chicken going bad) and gravy is added later, lightly tossed with the rice, and an extra dash on top of everything. Gravy was nice nice nice and you could even order extra gravy for that extra umph. I tasted a bit of the beef and lamb, and I'd really go for any of these next time. Both are very tender, and easy to cut and chew. Air Bandung is well recommended by my buddies, complete with a dash of Ice Cream Soda; just like how they do it in Johor (I usually have my Briani's with something sour and cool like Iced Lemon Tea to ease the richness of the food). All in all, very recommended.

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