Thursday, January 24, 2008

Sleeping Partner

After a 2-day stint of crazy bed-ridden fever, I am now sleeping late but peacefully, with a certain someone, who I find has a lot in common with. Who might this be, you wonder. Well, the initial is somewhat similar to Jaafar Onn..haha..This certain someone is blond, very cute, talks with a certain gibberish accent, married however, but nevertheless a celebrity. There's also a lady, lounging on my dresser; with great fashion sense and an obsession for shoes. Well, I could really smile now, knowing that my sleeping partner is none other than Jamie Oliver, and Sarah Jessica Parker is now my current favorite perfume; Lovely. Jamie's brilliant, and whenever I read his book, I could just imagine it coming from the horse's mouth, the language so real and the recipes al so fantastically simple yet delish. Lovely is as its name, Lovely and well suited to its creator's sense of taste and style. I don't know if that's me though, but I do know that its refreshing and clean and it reminds me of the first few minutes of stepping out of the hot shower. Thank you dearest for the lovely lovely things, at just the right time. :)

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niQue_naQ said...

oloo, if i knew i wud have posted it to you earlier hehe glad that your happy (^_^)