Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Resolution and Plan 2007

Ok, its stereotypical, but hey, I'm a normal human being, and I still believe that everyone should have an aim at what they want to do every year. Whether I actually do it in the end is a whole different matter, but what is most important is that at least I have a list to lean on for the whole year. Here goes...

1. Go to UK to travel with Nik, or Bali with my family...depends on budget available
2. Go wall climbing
3. Go water rafting
4. Start piano lessons again
5. Survey umah (time limit till 30)
6. Perbanyakkan solat sunat
7. Have vitamins everyday
8. Regularize my gym visits ;p
9. Save up for a new handphone - Z610i Rose Pink please!!!
10. Do more savings (wonder how...)
11. Do daily recording of expenses
12. Blog more
13. Lose weight!
14. Become a better person
15. Read the newspapers more
16. Buy presents for my friends' birthdays
17. Become more tech savvy
18. Start saving up for that dream cafe

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