Friday, January 05, 2007

Healthy 2007

As per resolution number 13, I should lose weight. I met a friend recently, and I was surprised at how much she'd lost! She took up the Atkins diet, but a few minor twists to it, thanks to her dietician. I've started on it since Wednesday, and I think its working! Here's how:

1. For the first 10 days, just eat boiled protein; no salt, no sugar, no oil. So the doctor recommended sausages and eggs (minus the yolk), steamed fish and chicken etc. For breakfast, always include a glass of non-fat milk. If you hunger for sweets, eat fruits or get a no-sugar fruit juice.

2. Before bed, have a glass of non-fat milk.

3. Exercise!

4. Drink plenty of water.

5. After the 10 days, maintain on the protein diet, but salt may be added, till I get to my target weight! Gradually, I may add brown carbs.

Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

babe! nak try gak! altho my main problem is that i cant take milk, im allergic, any substitutions? soya milk is expensive in uk, any other suggestion? (hehe i dah agak mesti tu sub dia) im starting on monday, keep me updated on wat to do! niquez

olyn said...

hehe...i dont know if there's any other sub to milk and soya milk...susu kambin?anyway...this milk is supposed to keep u feel much fuller...kalu x minum, i guess u could add food...