Thursday, January 25, 2007

Bora Ombak Cafe & Restaurant

I had a great time last night at Bora Ombak with one of my greatest crowd - my school buddies. I know its pretty slow for someone who lives so close to Ampang, and yet have not the opportunity to go there. The restaurant was formerly known as Bora Bora, and used to reside much closer to Ampang Point. It has moved, and revamped into a much more fantastic place. I loved the ambience, the lighting, the soft Balinese instrumental, very good service, and good food. There were the four of us; Han, Saza, Shikin and myself. I ordered Chicken Chop (had to give up the lovely looking curly fries to Saza - still on my Atkins) and Lemon Tea, Han had Ginger Beef with Rice and Badrik (an ethnic Balinese drink, made from the brew of fresh ginger, lemongrass and palm sugar - yummilicious especially taken hot), Saza had their signature Kueh Teow Goreng and Orange Juice, and Shikin had a Chocolate Shake (seems like it, but I think it has another name - I guess I need to go back to check out). We were pretty surprised of the helping though. Huge. They offer lauk2 from the region (Thai, Malaysian, Indon) and I think the serving is huge enough for 3. Serving for individual orders, however, was just nice. The place also offers good quality live music and singing from 9pm onwards. Last night was Poco-Poco night, so the floor was open to all to join. Fun aye. I'd recommend this place to anyone, and double recommend it to couples. Nice dating venue indeed.

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