Monday, January 29, 2007

Its Holiday Again!

Had a kaleidoscope of a weekend recently. Many many good things happened, but not so good things happened too.

Lets talk bout the bad first:
1. I didn't get to go for the whitewater rafting I so wanted to for the year. But Nell suddenly made it OK this morning, when she told me bout the May plan in Grik. Yay!!
2. I didn't get to go on any of the Outdoor Themepark rides and the Flying Coaster in Genting. It was raining day and night there. I guess I could always go back next month.
3. Food was BAD!

However, aside all this, I had a great time with my family in Genting. We set off early, for the 10am bus to Genting and Skyway (cable car). We arrived at the peak by 11.15, and walked to the hotel, which was conveniently attached to the cable car station building. At a glance, you couldn't really distinguish the place from the station. Everywhere was as crowded as the last, and the only indication that First World Hotel was a hotel at all, was the long looonng reception table. We took a number, and within minutes, I was attended to. Lucky we set out early; the crowd was minimal (really aa?), so we were happily checked in by 11.30am! That's what I call good service. The room was OK too, for the price paid, its clean and very straight-forward.

We rested a bit, and set out for lunch and jalan-jalan tanpa haluan. This turned out to be quite an experience. Genting reminds me much more of China than Malaysia, actually, when it comes to halal food. Such a hassle when it comes to just getting a restaurant with a halal sign. Our only option in the end were the food court, McD, KFC, Burger King and Marry Brown. And these restaurants were ridiculously, bloody expensive. Imagine this; ice cream bodoh from McD, which costs only RM1.05 here, is RM2.10 there. How crazy is that! Anyway...we settled for the food court, and went round and round till almost 6pm. That night, Boyz 2 Men was superbly energetic, the sound system of Arena of Stars was fantastic, and the crowd was happening. In conclusion, I had a fantabulous time at the concert and am definitely going back for more.

Next morning, we set out early in pursuit of the rides we missed yesterday due to rain. But the fog took over this time, and so we didn't have a chance at all. We were desperate for entertainment, so we settled for the Indoor rides. Fun but kinda dumb. hehe.

All in all, I loved the:
1. Cable Car ride - Skyway
2. Weather - it was 12-15 oC there. Cool...
3. Convenience of the whole place - everything is within walking distance. If you ever forgot your sweater, the Plaza is also attached to the hotel. Buy a new one!
4. Starbucks in the Plaza...Gorgeous setting...Surrounded by a small river, comprising the gondola ride. The lighting and the weather compliments this setting even more..Such a Kodak moment.
5. Whole idea of Genting. No need for air conditioning. Just cool fresh air.

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