Friday, January 26, 2007

Justice Prevailed

I went to court the other day...No, I didn't do anything, but it was a case I brought up due to some greedy cheepo caterer. In all my years of living, I never knew that simple words could bring such powerful difference to the court of law. Who would ever guess that the word 'deposit' is totally different than 'wang pendahuluan', well that was just the case that I brought up and won. Not many are aware that they've been duped all this while if deposit is not refunded due to cancellation of events. Hear this; the deposit is all yours, given that you give the opposing party enough time, and if the term 'non-refundable' is non-existant in the payment receipt. The judge was backing us up 100%, we didn't even have to say a word! Best part, payment was made immediately, I guess to uphold their 15-year-capability-yada-yada. The whole procedure turned out great, and I now encourage anyone who feels that they've been hacked as users, to come out and go for the Tribunal Tuntutan Pengguna. They only charge RM5 for Stamping Duty (that is all!!). Excellent justice for claims of RM1 to RM25,000. More than that? I guess you should try the High Court.

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